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Are You Being Controlled?

todayNovember 3, 2020 4 1 5

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Greetings to you today! Well, I’m writing this on the morning of Election Day, 2020. I have no idea who will win the presidency today and as of this writing, it seems a very close vote. This has been an extremely hard year for many, especially with “the virus” effecting all our lives, but this election has also been the craziest in all of history. Riots and looting to killing one another over beliefs and ideas has caused many cities and communities to fall apart. We have people afraid to share their political ideas with another due to the backlash they might receive. Where there might have been a time of sitting around a table and sharing difference of opinions on politics or religion, you now have people that will do you harm if you don’t believe like they do. The question that we all must ask ourselves is, ‘Are we being controlled?’ Controlled to the point that differences among ourselves are no longer excepted and if you don’t think like the crowd or follow the agenda at hand, you must be cut down and your free-thinking, eliminated.

I take this question of being controlled all the way back to my up-bringing. I was brought up United Pentecostal and although I would have denied it at the time, I was being controlled. My life was centered around what my parents belief was, and my grandparents before them. A long line of ideas of Religion, although based on Biblical truths, there was misconceptions that affected how my life went. I missed out on many things as a child and teenager that my religion had banned and labeled as unholy. I was taught to separate myself from the world and to look down on those around me as lost if they didn’t think the way I did. I also could not discuss religion with anyone else, not of my faith, without casting blame or condemnation on how they believed. I never was violent, but I certainty acted like I was more spiritual and enlightened than they were and I would tell them the correct way to think. I was controlled in my belief to try to control others and that is the problem I believe we are facing today.

We are in a time of unrest and people are angry and scared as to what to believe. We have never seen times like this where you have to fear speaking out on what you believe, or face physical harm to yourself or property. If we could understand that we all think different and that’s what makes us who we are as people. We are all being controlled with an agenda of some sort and to let go of the ideas that we must make others believe as we do, we can actually be ourselves and share what we really think. I absolutely believe that God is true and the Bible is a record of things that happened up to and past ‘Jesus crucifixion. What I have to let go of is not everyone will believe as I do. They will have to seek out their own salvation and decide for themselves. I can share my thoughts and interpretations on scriptures but I cannot control how they think on it or make them believe as I do. Politics follows the same idea. I can share how I feel about what’s happening, but I can’t control how another thinks and it would be detrimental to try to do so.

Our diversity as a people is what keeps it interesting. I, of course, mixed religion and politics, but it’s really about our beliefs and accepting others no matter how they think. If we could accept that everyone has their own idea on things, than maybe we could come together and discuss those ideas and change could happen. To try to control someones thoughts and how they should believe is what causes such unrest in this world. Jesus never tried to control anyone. He spoke the truth and with His light shining so bright that darkness could not overcome, He changed peoples’ beliefs through His example. Be yourself, stand up for what you believe, but don’t try to control what someone else believes. Even if you don’t agree, maybe your example and most important, love, can make a change.

God Bless You, Krisha Hall 11/3/2020

Written by: Krisha Hall

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